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North American Bird Species at Risk

Many of the papers included in The Journal of Wildlife Management focus on species of conservation and management concern. These species are typically rare and present a challenge to study. They are also often the focus of controversy given that they require specialized management to enhance their population status and that management may conflict with other land uses. This virtual issue consists of a selection of articles on a variety of taxa and addresses a number of management concerns. Papers provide new information on the population ecologies and habitat relations of these species, as well as evaluate effects of human land-use on their conservation.

Black-capped vireo nest predator assemblage and predictors for nest predation
Tara J. Conkling, Theresa L. Pope, Kathryn N. Smith, Heather A. Mathewson, Michael L. Morrison, R. Neal Wilkins and James W. Cain III

Estimating breeding season abundance of golden-cheeked warblers in Texas, USA
Heather A. Mathewson, Julie E. Groce, Tiffany M. Mcfarland, Michael L. Morrison, J. Cal Newnam, R. Todd Snelgrove, Bret A. Collier and R. Neal Wilkins

Social composition of destination territories and matrix habitat affect red-cockaded woodpecker dispersal
Dylan C. Kesler and Jeffrey R. Walters

Managing multiple vital rates to maximize greater sage-grouse population growth
Rebecca L. Taylor, Brett L. Walker, David E. Naugle and L. Scott Mills

Connectivity in piping plovers: Do breeding populations have distinct winter distributions?
Cheri Gratto-Trevor, Diane Amirault-Langlais, Daniel Catlin, Francesca Cuthbert, James Fraser, Sidney Maddock, Erin Roche and Fran├žois Shaffer

Effects of rangeland management on the site occupancy dynamics of prairie-chickens in a protected prairie preserve
Lance B. McNew, Thomas J. Prebyl and Brett K. Sandercock

Annual and seasonal survival of trumpeter swans in the upper midwest
Dana M. Varner and Michael W. Eichholz

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